Here you can find new things that are dreamed of, planned or already implemented in a beta version of Shayu.

1. Known Bugs

1.1. Cryptic errors

css entryFile and layouts/default.jsx are required but don't give a clear error when missing

2. @next

These features are already available in the @next tagged release, but should be used with care.
You can install these with yarn install shayu@next

<none currently>

3. Future

These features are planned, but currently have no clear timeline on when they will be implemented.

3.1. JSX Pages

Add support for pages ending in .jsx, that are passed straight to the renderer without parsing MDX.

3.2. Better Assets

Currently asset handling is very basic. entryFile is passed to Browserify with a list of postcss plugins, anything else ending in .css is ignored, and other files are simply copied over. In the future, this should be a more expressive system, matching files based on filename or mime-type, and applying various transformations, similar to Gatsby Plugins and possibly even compatible where possible. This would allow for JS bundling, stylesheet splitting, image optimization etc.

3.3. Custom Rehype Plugins

Currently used for adding id's to headers and generating the table of contents, but could give more advanced functionality to the user

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